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Our philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple: the amplifier must be device that has to transmit input signal with high fidelity and increase as much times as it is needed. At the same time, the shape of the signal has to remain unchanged.

The ideal case would look like this: rectangular impulses (for example from 5 Hz to 500kHz with amplitude of 2Vp-p are played. The rectangular impulses enlarged x- times in the output of the amplifier shall be the same. This ideal case does not exist in the reality. Between the output and the input of the amplifier there is large number of electronic components. Every of these elements create distortions and delay the signal. When the speaker is plugged-in, the case is even more complex. The form of the signal is more distorted because of its complex impedance. Sometimes, not only it does not resemble rectangular signal, it does not resemble anything at all. This is especially true for the higher frequencies, where the amplifiers have hard time following the input signal. It is all more complex when we take in consideration the quality of the rectifier’s electronic solution, as well as the quality of the used parts. If they are well scaled, the amplifier will easily ‘take’ the rapid ‘increases’ and changes at the rectangular impulse. Otherwise, we have “burnout” amplifier.

Have you ever imagine Hi-Fi amplifier who can be turned in every moment, in to stereo PA amplifier, can be connected to 24 speakers boxes filling with sound every space?

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