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On the field of professional PA amplifiers this problem requires extreme serious approach. Therefore you can find inside much more electronics for control and protection then quality electronic solutions for good reproduction.

The problem is not simple and naive when we are talking about need to achieve bigger power. With the bigger power raise need for bigger voltage (VDC) for electronic components inside the amplifier. Certainly, these kinds of amplifiers will need also serious and reliable rectifiers. From the other side all electronics elements inside the amplifier and rectifier must be projected to work on hi-voltages. Thatare the limits were failing of an examination all hi-power amplifiers. These used electronics components almost always have bad transfer characteristics, today’s technical-technological manufacture limits.

One more element “is against” these hi-power audio devices: To handle with relative low and complex impedances of loudspeaker (or loudspeakers). Sometimes they are below 1Ω. To control the movement of membranes in one moment is practically not possible so they know “to float” without control carried by the inertia.

We must never forget energies produced in the speakers coils which are in motion inside magnetic fields of giant speakers’ magnets. They must be consumed somewhere and the only one consumer in the line is amplifier.

Also the big enemy of these devices is overheating of particular components. This can be also limiting factor for amplifier’s quality reproduction.

Solved challenges

From the above mentioned reader can conclude what were the challenges to solve and what were we must grip to.

Here are the results:

Using the recent accomplishments of the most advanced semiconductor TRENCH MOSFET technology generation, we developed, designed and patented Linear Audio Power Module Amplifier making enormous improvement of quality and performances in known Linear (Analog) Amplifier design solutions.

Have you ever imagine Hi-Fi amplifier who can be turned in every moment, in to stereo PA amplifier, can be connected to 24 speakers boxes filling with sound every space?

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